Chart debut at #4: A story of a female DJ, a song, and a community.

The winner of Miss DJ (the national Swedish female DJ competition), Sanna Nevalainen - a.k.a Sain D'esprit - independently released her debut single "Here I Am (feat. Kamelia Larroum)" - reaching #4 on the Swedish iTunes Dance Chart on Monday.

Almost exactly a year has passed since the grand final of the Miss DJ Competition in Sweden and since winning DJ, Sain D'esprit, took the trophy and a chance to produce and release her first single.

In 2012 the Miss DJ Competition scoured the nation looking for talented female DJs who could challenge the male-dominated music genre's charts. On our journey, we brought DJs from around the country together and brought their talent up to the light.

"Female DJs are pretty under-rated in the club scene. And even more so in the record business. So we thought we'd test that perception and what we found was that there are lots of extremely talented female DJs around. And that the public love what they do. ", says Mark Schellhas, songwriter and producer of Miss DJ.

After nearly a year of mentorship, tutorship and collaboration, Sain D'esprit released here first single, Here I Am (feat. Kamelia Larroum), on Saturday 14 December 2013, which enjoyed it's first weekday reaching the number 4 position on the Swedish iTunes Dance Chart and number 28 on the overall iTunes singles chart.

"I want to reach a broad audience with this song - both young and old - with influences from both pop and electronic dance music, so that many people can enjoy the song, both at home, at the club and at the gym!" says Sain D'esprit.

Take a listen to "Here I Am (feat. Kamelia Larroum)" - available here on iTunes.

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