Who do you want your customer to become?

As a creator, marketer, manager, entrepreneur or fundraiser — your work is to make a change.

You see possibility and take advantage of what isn’t yet happening by making it happen.

But instead of focusing on how marvellous your product is or how brilliant, proven, trustworthy or smart your team is, ask instead: “what do I want my customer to become? And how am I making that happen?”

So let’s think of your customers: who are they? Who are they after engaging with your product or service?
Are they happier? More productive? Inspired? Educated? Wiser? Braver? Are they thanking you for your service?

  • A couples therapist wants her customers to live happier, more loving lives with their partners.

  • A nurse wants her customer to be fully recovered.

  • A nutritionist wants her customer to experience a healthy life with more vitality.

  • The charity worker wants her customer to live a full, optimistic life — against all odds.

  • The team leader wants her team to focus on producing the most meaningful results every day

If you’re not changing the way your customer works, eats, feels, learns or lives — you’re just more of the same.
You’re providing more of what already exists.

And more of the same… is boring. More of the same… is replaceable. More of the same… is not missed when you’re closed for the summer. 

So, what do you want your customer to become?
What do you want your project participants to become?
What do you want your donor to become?

If interacting with your product or service is making that happen, you’re making change. If not, you’re forgettable.