Last night I hurt my foot in a silly accident. In an instant, my leg went from something I didn’t have to think about to something infused with so much pain I almost threw up and left me unable to walk.

Charged with adrenalin, I hobbled home. But this morning I needed to be picked up, taken to hospital, X-rayed and treated.

Now my previously perfectly working leg has become a work in progress following a treatment and rehabilitation timeline. Less than ideal.

But what do I do about an imperfectly working leg? Assume it is what it is, and give up on walking? Nope. I see the potential for it to heal. I nurture it. Maybe go easy on myself for little while and invest in getting it back to the happy, reliable, healthy leg it can be.

Maybe it doesn’t need to be perfect. Maybe less than ideal is ok for a time. Maybe good enough for now with more to come is ok too. Rehab starts today, and with time it’ll just get better and better. Not perfect. And that’s perfectly good enough.

What things/people in your life needs a little nurturing? What things/people could do with a compassionate “this is not ideal and could get better”-attitude? One step at a time.