AI Manifesto

In late 2017, my friend and talented Digital Designer, Christian Crusius and I were having a burger and a beer in the Old Town of Stockholm reflecting on the upcoming Swedish general elections in 2018. We were brainstorming what benefits AI could bring to the government and public sector in general, and before you know it… voilá! Ai Partiet was born.

Although our eagerness led us to straight to the important work of creating a visual identity and a “Spokesbot” Messenger app (of course), we did however manage to draft a decent (in our humble opinions) “AI Manifesto”, should there ever be a need for one.

A conversation earlier today reminded me of this, and so, ladies and gentlemen, I present our early writings here:

Ai Manifesto


“When concerned with the future of Humanity in the context of an evermore digitally transforming world, we believe governments and voters shall take full responsibility for protecting their citizens and their commitment to the upholding of human rights.

In order to further the preservation of the light of Consciousness, we commit to the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence shall conform to a bias in favor of the upholding of the nation-state’s Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN), and the improved well-being of Humankind.

  2. Artificial Intelligence shall serve as a powerful tool to guide politicians and citizens in decision-making processes.

  3. Implementation, maintenance and improvements in Artificial Intelligence in public service shall be regularly audited to ensure that the afore-mentioned biases are kept in check.

  4. All citizens shall at all times have access to all of the facts of any matter or data processed by any AI that is active in public service

  5. All citizens shall at all times be allowed to have their voices heard and considered in real-time in accordance with point 4 above.”

So what do you think? Under what conditions would you have AI represent you in government? What would you edit/add/remove? Share and comment!