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Magdalena Graaf App Update

iOS Apps for blog website

 Version 2.0 in the App Store

Version 2.0 in the App Store

Our latest update to the official iOS app for Magdalena Graaf, places the dynamic content of one of Sweden's most popular blogs in the hands of hundreds of thousands of devoted daily readers.

Why the update?

If you are one of the initial users of version 1.0, you would appreciate that version 2.0 has been released for two main reasons: 1.) better performance & other needed improvements via feedback from the blog's community, and 2.) we introduced the iPad version. This version was a complete rewrite of the original code and enabled us to vastly improve the workflow of the app, decrease memory leaks and add more multimedia content such as mobile video posts, for example.

Nearly 25% of the blogs readers view the blog on iOS devices

Tomas, from Gson Media (the media management firm behind, approached me a while ago with the task of creating an app to cater for the large number of mobile (in particular iOS) users visiting the blog daily. The popularity of iOS devices in Sweden (perhaps proportionally higher than in most other markets worldwide) is really the driving force behind the need to provide a decent and native content offering for these readers. The iOS app is taken the blog and community's content and converted it into a suitable format for these devices, making it a lot easier for the end user to read blog posts, view videos and photos, as well as engage with the content through commenting and sharing. For these reasons and many more including data transfer speed, reduced distraction from content and UI familiarity, enhanced communication through notifications & badges, we chose to build the native app instead simply introducing a mobile web app.

Looking forward

Next up will be the release of the android version so stay tuned for more.

Download the app for iPhone & iPad here.